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qRT-PCR med läkarintyg

Svar från 2 timmar





The PCR SUPER EXPRESS test result is answered on the same day as the test is performed, within 2 hours and is an international travel certificate in English signed by a licensed doctor. We only accept you who have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.

A sampling stick with a cotton stopper is taken and inserted at the back of the nose to the posterior pharyngeal wall. There, the stick is rotated for about ten seconds against the mucous membrane.

  • The result can be Negative, Positive or Non-analyzable. (<0.1%)

The test response time is the SAME DAY as sampling within 2 hours *
(The certificate is thus sent out within 2 hours after the test has been performed)
* = May vary under extraordinary circumstances.

NOTE! Do not forget to bring your passport or the ID document you are traveling with to the clinic at the time of the test.
PLEASE NOTE! Do not forget to bring your passport.
If your desired time is not available in our booking calendar,
please contact us on 010-173 4444 or info@idr-medical.se