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Before the visit: 

  • Bring your glasses / lenses and any hearing aid 
  • Bring medical records from GPs and hospitals, including labs / X-rays in the last 12 months, or make sure that you can show them via 1177 during the visit.  
  • Bring current medication list 
  • If you have received special directives from the Swedish Transport Agency on something special that needs to be certified - send these documents to us before the survey and notify us in writing before you book an appointment.  


Are you going to start driving a taxi?  

Then you are warmly welcome to us at iDr Kliniken for your medical certificate. 

Our doctors are connected to the Swedish Transport Agency's e-service for certificates. Your result is sent directly to the Swedish Transport Agency when the survey is completed.  

All our doctors and nurses are trained to perform the required examinations so that you can feel safe and secure. 

Test information: 

This basic health examination includes a synthesis test, a review of your medical history and questions about possible alcohol or drug abuse. After the survey, you will receive all the information that you must send to the Swedish Transport Agency and we will help you with all questions you have about this. We make it easy and smooth for you throughout the process. 

What type of test do you need? 

The Swedish Transport Agency divides the various driving license authorizations into three groups, where authorization for taxis includes group 3. 

Group 3: Includes D1, D1E, D and DE and Taxi. 

The requirements for the medical examination to obtain a driving license vary between the different groups and are determined by the Swedish Transport Agency. 


Groups 2 and 3: Requirement that you can see with both eyes and you need to be able to see at least 0.1 with the worst eye and 0.8 with the best. These qualifications also place higher demands on the field of vision and you must not have any type of double vision. Requirements for sufficient hearing to be able to communicate with passengers. If you need a hearing aid to achieve sufficient hearing, you must use it when driving the vehicle. 

If you have treatment for any illness, bring a medical record, medication list and a list of the latest lab samples taken before the visit.