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Are you going to compete? 

-Then you are warmly welcome to us at iDr Kliniken for your health examination and medical certificate. 

All our doctors and nurses are trained to perform the required examinations so that you can feel safe and secure. 

Test information: 

If you are going to compete, many federations and organizers require a medical examination in the form of a health certificate or a health examination. The health requirements naturally differ, but usually include an assessment of heart and lung status, functional level, neurology, vision, hearing, blood pressure, pregnancy and a review of any previous injuries. In addition to a check, it is also a good opportunity to go through any questions you have about your sport or your competition activity. 

Examples where a health certificate is usually required are; marathons and other long-distance races, motorsport competitions, contact sports and training / competition at an elite level. 

If your association or competition organizer has its own template for the medical examination, bring it with you at the visit. Feel free to fill in your own personal information.