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An antigen test is a method of detecting an ongoing infection with COVID-19. The analysis is a quick test that gives an answer in 15 minutes. The test is performed by inserting a sampling stick with a cotton swab at the back of the nose to the posterior pharyngeal wall (Nasopharynx).


The antigen test result is an international travel certificate in English signed by a licensed physician. We also issue EU-Covid certificates in connection with the medical certificate for EU citizens and this can be collected via Kivra or a transcript at our clinic.

  •  At our clinics, we only test asymptomatic individuals.
  • Works only as a travel certificate to a few destinations.

Antigentestet vi använder på de flesta kliniker är från Amerikanska Abbott and has a very high specificity (> 99.8%). This means the probability of getting a negative answer if you are healthy and do not have COVID-19 - ie a very low risk of false positive answers. A positive test result can be confirmed by a PCR as false positive responses may occur due to cross-reactivity with other viruses. At our clinics, we only test asymptomatic individuals.
If you wish to test individuals with symptoms, contact our customer service by email and we will review the possibility of coming to you. The test meets the Swedish Public Health Agency's performance recommendations for antigen tests.

The certificate is issued in English and contains the signature and stamp of a licensed physician. It is provided with QR code and is very difficult to counterfeit. Test results and medical certificates were sent out immediately. In the event of a positive answer, you will be contacted by our emergency doctor for statutory information about quarantine and infection tracing.


The most common destination for Antigen is Spain. Other common destinations for antigen are Germany, Italy, England and the United States. The rules can be changed overnight, to see information about your destination, visit Swedenabroad.se

NOTE! Do not forget to bring your passport or the ID document you are traveling with to the clinic at the time of testing.
PLEASE NOTE! Do not forget to bring your passport.
If your desired time is not available in our booking calendar,
please contact us on 010-173 4444 or info@idr-medical.se