Briefly about us

iDr is today one of Sweden's largest private players for COVID 19 testing and offers, together with our partner Svea Vaccine, testing at over 30 locations throughout Sweden. 
We are the only company in the country that has control over the entire test chain and is independent of external players. 
We own everything from test rooms, customer service with travel advice, IT systems, transport logistics, our own laboratory, have our own specialists and can thus give our patients the very best service. 
Instead of hiring a player for testing who is dependent on others, you can trust us that you are in safe hands as we always know where your sample is and have control over all important parts of an analysis process. 
Feel free to click on one of our test rooms and read the customer reviews. 
Then you will understand why you are in safe hands with iDr / Svea Vaccine.


We offer testing for you who have been symptom-free for 48 hours. 
Testing against COVID-19 is part of the Swedish Public Health Agency's strategy to map the distribution and immunity of the population against COVID-19. We always follow recommendations regarding test performance. 


We offer an opportunity for you as an individual and entrepreneur to test yourself with us for COVID-19. We always issue internationally valid and valid medical certificates. We come out to your company when needed and help you ensure that the staff is healthy. With us, there are routines for making your visit safe and hygienic.

Authorized personnel

Our staff wears protective equipment to protect themselves and you from possible infection. All our staff are also tested twice a week and before delivery to companies. The risk of becoming infected with us is very low as we only test asymptomatic individuals. We will always take the time to listen to you as a patient and explain the big picture with your symptoms and the answer to your test. It is of utmost importance that you get an honest and informative answer that includes the entire disease picture. All our test staff are university educated.