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iDr Clinic and Svea Vaccine is the first in Sweden to be able to offer a digital international Vaccination Certificate. The certificate is a security document that can be issued to you who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and need documentation of your vaccination status to travel, work, visit events or just want to confirm that you have protection after your Covid-19 vaccination. 

The vaccination certificate is based on a measurement of the level of Neutralizing Antibodies (NAb) in blood serum in a laboratory (quantitative analysis). A test for NAb is recommended no earlier than 2 weeks after the second vaccine dose. The certificate can be presented on the phone or printed and contains a QR code that enables digital validation. It is issued in English, is signed and stamped by a licensed physician. 

While waiting for the Green Vaccine Passport to be available in Sweden, this is an option for those who need a Vaccination Certificate. The test is available to the public at a selected number of clinics at Svea Vaccine and iDr-Kliniken from 1 June.

- How does it happen?
The patient identifies himself and shows his vaccination card at the test clinic. Then a blood sample (stick in the finger or vein sample) is taken and sent to the laboratory. If the analysis shows a sufficiently high level of Neutralizing Antibodies according to the test method, a certificate is issued that you are vaccinated and have antibody protection against SARS-CoV-2. The analysis is CE approved, performed and is validated in Sweden by iLab Medical AB. 

NOTE! This is not the EU's Vaccine pass, the test is NOT free, and no guarantees of validity when traveling can be provided. It is up to the patient himself to check the documentation requirements of the country of entry.
iDr-Kliniken and Svea Vaccin have a national collaboration on Covid testing with a completely independent test chain and a jointly owned laboratory, iLab Medical AB in Västra Frölunda.