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We only test you if you have been symptom-free for at least 48h. NOTE! No exceptions are made to this rule!

The time is calculated from the time when you perform the test with us. It is the day and time that is on the certificate. 

No, you can be a tourist and still get to test yourself and get an issued travel certificate. The important thing is that you have your passport / travel document with you at the time of the test with us. 

Yes, but you must have been symptom-free for 48 hours before you can come to our clinic. In our registration that you need to do before the visit, you can fill in that you do not want a travel certificate.

a) Serological tests - a test that can detect the presence of antibodies. This test can detect a long-term infection (months - years) and can detect a recent infection (from day 3-5) The sample material consists of serum, plasma or whole blood.

b) Nucleic acid detection - (NAAT) PCR - a type of test where you look for a specific sequence of eg a virus and look for its presence in a sample. This provides a snapshot of whether the virus is present in the patient at this time. Gets negative early in the process and when the virus is no longer present in the body. Cannot distinguish between infectious and inactivated virus. Cannot detect past infection. Taken via tops in nose. 

All analyzes for PCR are performed via so-called qRT-PCR, ie quantitative analyzes. 

c) Antigen test
A rapid test to detect ongoing infection. Taken via tops in the nose. Responses are received after 15 minutes and are normally sent out within an hour. The strength of the test is to investigate symptomatic people for Covid-19. 

We only invoice companies. If your company is interested in testing you with us, you can contact our customer service who will register as a corporate customer with us and then we can invoice your company. We need 2-3 working days to process your request. 

Yes, all our certificates are in English. 

Vi skickar ut alla våra läkarintyg via mejl som en PDF-fil. 

En speciell provtagningspinne tages och införes längst bak i näsan till bakre svalgväggen. Där roteras pinnen långsamt under tio sekunder emot slemhinnan. Provet skickas sedan till vårt säkerhetslaboratorium och analyseras. Du får svar och kan hämta upp ett engelskt läkarintyg på vår klinik två vardagar senare.
A special sampling stick is taken and inserted at the back of the nose to the posterior pharyngeal wall. There, the stick rotates slowly for ten seconds against the mucous membrane.
The test is then analyzed on site and you will receive an answer.
A simple stick in the finger. The blood is dropped into a test cassette and then travels along a membrane where up to three lines can be shown. C - means CONTROL LINE. If it does not appear, the test is invalid and must be repeated. Then there are two more dashes that can appear - one for IgM (acute antibodies) and one for IgG (memory antibodies). See “What are antibodies” under FAQ for interpretation. 
Om två streck eller fler framträder indikerar det en pågående eller genomgången infektion. Provtagaren kommer att förklara vad det innebär för just dig
Our samples are sent to our safety laboratory. It is thus approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency for the diagnosis of COVID-19. The laboratory reports its data every week to the Public Health Agency. All analyzes are qRT-PCR, which means a quantitative analysis.  
Sensitivity 99.9-100% - ie if you have Coronavirus in your sample, we will find it.  

The antigen test we use is from American Abbott and has a very high specificity (> 99.8%) and sensitivity (> 91.4%). A positive antigen test can be confirmed with a PCR test as false positive responses may occur due to cross-reactivity with other viruses.

We have different types of antibody tests. We have laboratory tests that are the safest. Here we can measure Neutralizing antibodies after vaccination and IgM / IgG after natural infection. For quick tests, we use cassettes from Egens or Healgen. Both tests meet the requirements of the Swedish Public Health Agency and have a sensitivity of> 95% (Common for IgM and IgG) and a specificity (in vitro) of> 99.9%. This means that if you do not have antibodies, in theory you will almost never get a false positive answer. However, we have seen that the analysis of IgM is more uncertain for rapid tests and false positive answers occur much more often. For IgM control, we recommend laboratory tests. For control of IgG (memory antibodies), we recommend testing no earlier than 14 days after the onset of symptoms. All answers that are positive to rapid tests, we recommend that you supplement with a level determination, ie a laboratory test. 
For control of antibody protection after vaccination, you can check your Neutralizing Antibodies. It is an antibody that blocks the binding site between the virus and the host cell and inhibits the virus' ability to infect. We recommend that you take the analysis two weeks after full vaccination. In practice, we have seen that many people develop a sufficient level of antibodies as early as 3-4 weeks after dose one.  

See information at your country's embassy about how old the certificate may be when you arrive. 

Then include 2h buffer after your arrival time, add your travel time. 

We recommend that you have at least a 6 hour margin from the time you receive the answer to your certificate until you travel. 

Example: The certificate must be 72 hours old. Expect 2h buffer on arrival for passport control, luggage etc - 6h (sample travel time) - 6h buffer before departure. If the response time on the certificate is 36h, you need to test at the earliest 70h before arrival (= 72h minus buffer 2h) and no later than 2 + 6 + 6 + 34 = 48h before arrival. 

I regel är det inga problem att resa med våra läkarintyg. 

Some countries, including Haiti, French Polynesia and others, require the laboratory to use certain analytical fluids approved by them. 

Om det finns en sådan kravspecifikation måste ni kontrollera att ni kan resa med vårt underlag

Intygen innehåller en QR-kod som går att scanna på flygplatsen för att verifiera intygsuppgifterna online. 


Ja, tag med ditt reservationsnummer till valfri klinik så kan vi skriva ut och stämpla det till dig.

I regel blir detta dagen efter du emottagit ditt digitala läkarintyg. 

Antibodies are the immune system's targeting robots. There are more non-specific emergency antibodies (IgM) that are formed immediately when you start to get symptoms and memory antibodies (IgG) that start to form about 10 days into the infection and normally remain for anywhere from 6 months to several years. When a foreign virus or other microorganism infects us, the immune system creates these antibodies which, in this case, look for the invading virus particles - attach to them and thereby mark them for the immune system which then destroys the virus particles.
IgM is a non-specific antibody in nature and it is more non-specific than IgG. Compare a shotgun (IgM) with a precision rifle (IgG). IgM (the acute antibodies) should quickly limit the infection and then the body creates IgG which is very precise and stays in the body for a long time. IgG are the antibodies that make up our long-term protection, ie our antibody immunity. 
The course of infection means that you first become infected, then you have a 2-14 day incubation period before the onset of symptoms. Early in the disease phase (from day 3-5 to day 10-14 after the onset of symptoms), one thus becomes IgM-positive. IgM normally remains for 3-5 weeks (but can remain for a long time). Thus, when IgG begins to be produced on days 10-14, IgM and IgG are positive until IgM disappears, then only the IgG positivity remains. 
Note that this is the activity of the disease in the blood and does not describe whether you are contagious or not. 
You are infection-free when at least 7 days have passed since the onset of symptoms and you have been symptom-free for 48 hours. 
An isolated positive IgM, which indicates that one is day 3-14 into the disease phase, should, in an asymptomatic individual, always be checked with a PCR to confirm / write off suspicion of ongoing infection. IgM can also persist long after illness, but it has not been determined what it means for immunity. 
A response that results in both IgM and IgG in a person who no longer has symptoms is interpreted in the same way as an isolated positive IgG - ie that a long-term protection has developed. 
According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, long-term protection lasts at least during this season and the presence of IgG means that you can meet people in risk groups when you are symptom-free. As long as you are symptom-free and have IgG, infection is considered unlikely. 
You may be able to get Covid-19 again next season if the virus mutates or if antibody protection disappears. There are reports of reinfection after 6 months in several individuals in Sweden. It is not clear how long the immunity lasts at the population level. 

Contact our customer service: and they will help you to our corporate department. 

The blood is dropped on a test strip of nitrocellulose prepared with colloidal gold-labeled antigen. If antibodies are present, these complexes form Ig and the colloidal gold-labeled antigen and are sucked up into the membrane by capillary force. At each IgM / IgG line, there are nitrocellulose-immobilized anti-human mouse IgM / G antibodies, which bind and form complexes with the antibody / colloidal gold-antigen complex and a red line appears.

The non-captured immune complexes migrate further and bind at the control line.

CE means that the test has been reviewed by a European authority, ensured that it meets standards for sale and free movement within the EU. A CE-certified medical device is under the control of the Medical Products Agency and may be sold freely on the Swedish market.


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