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ORDINARY PCR - Corona Travel Certificate

Corona Travel Certificate

Ordinary qRT-PCR tests are answered within 34 hours and is an international travel certificate in English signed by a licensed physician

Book the time at least 40 hours before departure.
(We recommend that you have at least a 6 hour margin)
The test response time is THE DAY AFTER sampling before kl 23.00*.
* = May vary under extraordinary circumstances.


1995 SEK

Mon - Thu 08.00-16.40
Friday 08.00-13.00
Sat -Sun 11.00-13.00

One qRT-PCR test detects the presence of virus in the mucous membrane and is the safest way to assess whether there is an active viral infection.

The test is analyzed and the travel certificate is answered the day after testing before 23.00 - alternatively collection of a physical certificate two days after testing at the clinic.

ORDINARY Corona Travel Certificate - PCR

Ready within 34 hours of testing

The calculator is only a visualization of how fast it goes from the time you have tested yourself until you receive your travel certificate.

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Some countries have designed their own travel certificates that you need to use. Check each country's embassy what applies to your trip. The most visited countries requiring Corona Travel Certificates are Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, France, Iceland, Iraq, Iran, the Philippines, Bulgaria and Indonesia.

The rules that apply to your destination can vary from day to day and therefore encourage our customers to continuously check which rules apply to your particular trip.

Even if you are only stopping in a country that requires a travel certificate, we recommend that you obtain a travel certificate as there may be incidents where you have to handle checked baggage yourself.

The latest updates can be found here:
swedenabroad.se - Foreign Ministry Travel Information

Corona Travel Certificate - qRT-PCR

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Saturday - Sunday 11.00-13.00

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