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Antibody test COVID-19

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Coronatest qRT-PCR - Corona Travel Certificate / Health Certificate
Get a travel certificate within 36 hours.

Express PCR COVID-19

Coronatest qRT-PCR - Corona Travel Certificate / Health Certificate
Get answers within 14 hours of testing!

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Select Express PCR COVID-19 and get an answer within 14 hours.

 Regular response time 36 hours.

The calculator is only a visualization of how fast it goes from the time you have tested yourself until you receive your travel certificate.

Coronatest - Corona Travel Certificate - PCR COVID-19

Many countries in the world require a PCR test (virus detection test) with time restriction, it must not usually be older than 48 hours or 72 hours upon entry. A Corona Travel Certificate is not available through public healthcare. We offer drop-in services that give you a Corona Travel Certificate in English that you can use when traveling.

Our clinics that perform Coronatest PCR COVID-19

Our clinics are located in Malmö, Lund and Gothenburg.

What is required for your trip?

Some countries have designed their own travel certificates that you need to use. Check each country's embassy what applies to your trip. The most visited countries requiring Corona Travel Certificates are Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, France, Iceland, Iraq, Iran, the Philippines, Bulgaria and Indonesia.

What does a travel certificate cost?

Our prices may vary at our clinics. Press Book Time and select your clinic to see current prices. The booking process consists of 3 steps and is not valid until you have completed all steps.

What rules apply to the country I am going to travel to?

The rules that apply to your destination can vary from day to day and therefore encourage our customers to continuously check which rules apply to your particular trip.

Even if you are only stopping in a country that requires a travel certificate, we recommend that you obtain a travel certificate as there may be incidents where you have to handle checked baggage yourself.

The latest updates can be found here:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

How our test procedure works


The nurse checks which nostril has the freest passage. A cotton swab is then inserted into the back of the nose and rotated 10 turns against the mucosa.


The nurse sprays one of your fingers. Then a small sting is made in the finger flower, a drop of blood is gently massaged forward and applied to the test cassette.




Your sample is coded and sent to the laboratory. The sample is analyzed in the laboratory Tuesday-Friday. No later than 2 weekdays later, you will receive a test answer and can pick up your travel certificate at the Clinic or have it sent by email.


Within 10 minutes, you will receive information about the test result and our weighted assessment together with your symptom picture.

We only work with highly trained, experienced healthcare staff.

With us, your test will be taken by a licensed nurse, a medicine candidate or a licensed doctor. We will of course answer your questions in connection with your drop-in visit.

About us

We offer large and small companies help with testing for Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We also offer drop-in. You will find our head office in Nordstan Gothenburg. Contact us if you have further questions.

Company testing

If you have a company and want to test your staff, we can arrange group bookings with us or we will come out to your workplace. Please contact us by email or at our reception for an information call

Our tests

We provide PCR tests and approved antibody tests. The PCR tests are so-called qRT-PCR. It can detect ongoing illness - taken via tops in the nose and analyzed at a safety laboratory.

Medical consultation

With us, you are always offered a medical assessment in connection with your sampling, either on site or by phone. We assess your symptom picture together with the test result and give you detailed information.